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Army Restructuring Tool (ART) for Hearts of Iron 3

The ART is a powerful tool for players of Hearts of Iron 3 making the reorganization of the OOB and enforcing consistent naming of units much easier to achieve. The ART is compatible with HoI3 up to the "Their Finest Hour" expansion and most mods (please see the FAQ for more details).


... and many more.

You can find screenshots on the media page. For help figuring out how to use the program, there is a manual available online. If you would like to show your appreciation and support the development of the Army Restructuring Tool, please have a look here.



Development history, compatibility and current state

Version Type Compatibility Activity Developer Support
1.0.x.x Stable Up to SF Discontinued No
1.1.x.x Beta Up to FTM Discontinued No
1.2.x.x Stable Up to FTM Discontinued No
1.3.x.x Beta Up to TFH Discontinued No
1.4.x.x Stable Up to TFH Legacy version Limited 1 2
1.5.x.x Beta Up to TFH Discontinued No
1.6.x.x Stable Up to TFH Maintenance Yes 1

1 I do not have any installations of HoI3 Vanilla or Semper Fi anymore. As a consequence, while newer releases of ART may still work with these older versions of the game, I am no longer able to verify if they do.

2 The last release from the 1.4 branch is only provided as a convenience for users that do not want to switch over to the new filter syntax introduced in 1.6 yet. While I'll continue to answer any questions and help with any issues related specifically to 1.4, there will be no code changes to 1.4 anymore.

Mod support

Starting from version, ART should work with (almost) any mod out there. If it does not, please report the issue and I'll see what I can do.

Contact Info

Please see ART - Bug Reports/Feedback for contact details.