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Bug Reports

How to start the ERT?
You will find the ERT in the folder where you installed the ART. If you have chosen to let the installer create start menu entries when you installed the ART, then there will also be a menu entry for the ERT.

Please allways use the Error Reporting Tool (ERT) that comes with ART for all bug reports. This will ensure that I have a good starting point and avoid delays in investigating the issue.

To prepare an error report using the ERT:

  1. Start the ERT.
  2. Fill in the required information. All fields are mandatory.
  3. Click the Create button. You will receive a warning if some information is still missing.
  4. A zip file with the name "ART_full_<timestamp>.zip" will have been created in the selected output path.
  5. Please provide this zip file to me. (e.g. by attaching it to a post in the thread mentioned above, sending it to me by email (see below), uploading it to DropBox, ...)

Contact Info

Please use this thread at Paradox's Hearts of Iron 3 forums for bug reports, suggestions, general feedback and all questions regarding ART. Alternatively, you can contact me at abr_@art.abross.de. (Please remove the underscore preceding the @ from the adress.)