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Keyboard Shortcuts for the ART

Command Keyboard shortcut
Attach A
Attach to last attachment target Shift + A
Attach to theatre Shift + T
Attach to HQ by range V
Attach to HQ using filtered GEO mode Shift + V
AutoRename (hold shift for batch mode) Q, Shift + Q
Cancel current action Escape
Center view on first selected unit C
Center view on first tagged unit Shift + C
Center view on next selected unit .
Center view on previous selected unit ,
Center view on next unit from search results Shift + .
Center view on previous unit from search results Shift + ,
Clear 'affected by last action' markers from unit cards Delete
Configure selection refinement Shift + F
Cycle through layout modes M
Cycle through layout sub modes Shift + M
Cycle through unit card info modes I
Cycle through GEO mode layout algorithms (for evaluating different algorithms; will be removed later) F9
Deselect first selected unit X
Deselect all units Ctrl + X
Detach D
Deploy P
Deploy using deployment dialog window Shift + P
Disband unit (hold shift for batch mode) K, Shift + K
Display remaining manpower W
Display the leader of the first selected unit in the leader list Ctrl + C
Explode (hold shift for batch mode) E, Shift + E
Find unit Ctrl + F
Find next unit Shift + .
Find previous unit Shift + ,
Main view zoom in Page up
Main view zoom out Page down
Rebase B
Rebase using rebasing dialog window Shift + B
Refine current selection Backspace
Remove leader (hold shift for batch mode) L, Shift + L
Rename (hold shift for batch mode) R, Shift + R
Right side panel view zoom in Shift + Page up
Right side panel view zoom out Shift + Page up
Save screenshot of main view to file Shift + F11
Save screenshot of main view to clipboard F11
Select all units Ctrl + A
Select tagged units >
Select units from last search (replacing the current selection) S
Toggle AI on/off and set stance for selected HQs H
Show the leader of the first selected unit in the leader list Ctrl + C
Show/hide QuickSelect window Space
Show configuration dialog F12
Show selection list tab Shift + 1
Show OOB navigator tab Shift + 2
Show leader list tab Shift + 3
Show undeployed units tab Shift + 4
Show theatre tab 1
Show army group tab 2
Show army tab 3
Show corps tab 4
Show division tab 5
Show brigade tab 6
Show air tab 7
Show naval tab 8
Show the online help F1
Toggle left side panel visibility F2
Toggle right side panel visibility F3
Toggle command button panel visibility F4
Toggle action button panel visibility F5
Toggle selection refinement F
Toggle unit tooltips T
Toggle: Reduce main view to selected units/Show all units N
Tag selected units <
Untag selected units Y or Z
Untag all units Shift + Y or Shift + Z